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Interview with Dorothea Rockburne

How easy is it to imagine drawing that makes itself, and why should drawing make itself to begin wit...


Jill Spalding talks to American sculptor Alice Aycock

Though best known for her elaborate constructions in wood and metal, Alice Aycock is collected as wi...

Janet Cardiff’s Sound Sculpture

The Forty Part Motet, a sound installation by Canadian artist Janet Cardiff, is not so much a sight ...

Professor Mechal Sobel discusses her research on Bill Traylor

Studio International spoke with Professor Sobel about her interest in Traylor, the influence of Afri...

Bedwyr Williams: interview

Williams is currently representing Wales at the Venice Biennale with The Starry Messenger. He is als...

Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist

Miguel Benavides talks to Ibrahim El-Salahi about his Sudanese heritage, his time in prison on unfou...


Patrick Hughes: interview

Hughes' new exhibition at Flowers, Cork Street, includes nine new paintings employing his unique tec...

Liane Lang: interview

Liane Lang’s works combine a mixture of photography and grotesquely lifelike silicon and rubber sc...

Understanding the Expansion of Universe. An interview with Ernesto Neto

Internationally acclaimed for creating immersive installations with his ambient sculptures, the Braz...

An interview with Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp '...The whole of modern art—the Impressionists, the Fauves, the Cubists—the whole...

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